What do you have to do to obtain temporary protection in Belgium?

You fled from Ukraine to Belgium. You are welcome in Antwerp.

1. Apply for a certificate of temporary protection in Brussels

Register at the registration centre in Brussels. You can book an appointment online. For more information, please visit the website of the Immigration Office.

For more information on the temporary protection status, please visit the website of the Immigration Office.

2. Apply for your residence card A in Antwerp

Have you received your certificate of temporary protection?
Then you can apply for a residence card A.

What is the procedure?

  1. Apply for the card via this form. Add your certificate of temporary protection.
  2. The City of Antwerp will process your application.
  3. The City of Antwerp will give you an appointment for the application of your residence card A.
  4. In the meantime, you will receive a temporary residence document: an annex 15.

With a temporary protection certificate:

  • you can join a health insurance fund of your choice
  • you are entitled to enhanced reimbursements
  • you can apply for a basic banking service

With the temporary residence document annex 15:

  • you are allowed to work in Belgium
  • you can receive (financial) support (if you need it)
  • your children are entitled to a Groeipakket (child benefits)
  • you can take part in the civic integration programme

Please note: an annex 15 does not always mean you have a national registration number. For a lot of services, a national registration number is a requirement.
If you need advice, please contact the information point for residence and legal status at Atlas, integratie & inburgering Antwerpen.

Your residence card A is valid until 4th March 2023.

Optional: apply for a declaration of arrival

Sometimes, you have to wait a long time to obtain a certificate of temporary protection.
Have you not yet received a certificate of temporary protection?
You can already ask for a document in the municipality where you want to live. This document is called a ‘declaration of arrival’.

Please note: this document only entitles you to reside in Belgium.
You are not allowed to work
You do not receive any social support or have access to health insurance.
You will have to arrange somewhere for yourself to live.

How to apply for a declaration of arrival?

  • Fill in this form.
  • Add these documents to your application:
    • a copy of your passport or identity card or another proof of identity
    • if possible, a copy of your visa
    • possible, a copy of the entry stamps in your passport

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