Learning Dutch

Would you like to learn Dutch?
Atlas will help you to find the right course.

Why learn Dutch?

  • You will get to know Antwerp better. You will also get to know new people.
  • You will learn how to hold short, social conversations. You will be able to provide basic information about yourself, your job, your surroundings and your education.
  • Have you passed the course? You will receive a Dutch language certificate.

What will Atlas do for you?

  • You will receive information regarding the Dutch language course.
  • You might, if necessary, do a few tests to decide which course will suit you best.
  • You will discuss with a staff member when, where and how you will learn Dutch. Together, you will also discuss how many times per week you can attend lessons.
    The duration and cost of the course will differ per school.

How to book an appointment?

Go to Atlas

What to bring?

  • your certificate of temporary protection. With this certificate, you will be exempt from paying the enrolment fee
  • maximum 48€ for the course materials. You can pay with Payconiq, Bancontact, Maestro or Visa/Mastercard.

Have you paid the enrolment fee yourself?

Are you already enrolled in a Dutch language course and have you paid the enrolment fee yourself?

In this case, the school will reimburse the enrolment fee:

  • You had temporary protection status at the time of your enrolment.
  • You ask the school to reimburse you the money. You can do this until the end of the first third of the total duration of your course.

Go to the school where you are attending the Dutch language course. Show your certificate of temporary protection.

Atlas does not reimburse the money.

Self-study Dutch

Would you like to study Dutch at home? Can you study on your own? Are you motivated to learn Dutch? Do you know to work with a computer, tablet or smartphone?

You can study Dutch by using these apps and websites:

Apps for beginners (language level A1 – A2)

Websites for beginners (language level A1-A2)