Individual counseling

We understand that the search of finding your own pace in a new city is not always easy. Do you want more personal counseling in your search? Atlas has guidance counselors available to search an answer for questions.

Do you have questions about your stay? Perhaps you want to meet new people? Do you feel like studying or working here? Is the possibility of return to Ukraine unclear? All the questions that were not discussed during the infosession can be asked here.

Individual counseling at Atlas

  • You get multiple sessions with a guidance counselor of Atlas.
  • You get individual counseling in your own language (Ukrainian or Russian).
  • You can discuss your personal needs (example given: to work, to study, meeting people, …).
  • You make plans depending on your personal goals here in Belgium.
  • Do you have questions about a specific topic or situation?
    • A counselor of Atlas will guide you or refer you to other organisations in Antwerp.
    • Atlas also organizes information sessions on specific topics: self-study Dutch, duo for a job (a mentee-mentor coaching project in search for a job), independent entrepeneurship, recognition of foreign qualifications, higher education in Flanders and Huis van het Kind. A counselor wil inform you about the possibilities and how to sign up.

For who?

You have fled from Ukraine and are residing in Antwerp.

How to subscribe?